For the love of ‘Prawns’

For the love of ‘Prawns’

As the Dublin Bay Prawn Festival approaches – due to take place this year from March 17-19th, 2017 in the home of Octopussy’s Seafood Restaurant – Howth – let us take some time to pay homage to a favourite of so many – the humble prawn.

Juicy, succulent prawns are a delicacy from the word go. Whatever way you like your prawns – barbecued, whole, shelled, fried, skewered, marinated, sauced – there are so many ways to enjoy prawns.

Chef and television presenter Rick Stein said that the Dublin Bay prawn is the best he has ever tasted, despite having travelled the world extensively for BBC.

The legendary food writer said that both he and his wife Sarah have never had a better prawn, though he believes our bountiful fishing waters are not utilised enough.

“Ireland has fantastic langoustines. My wife is from Australia where the quality of prawns available are great but even she thinks that the Dublin Bay prawn is the best in the world and I agree,” said Rick, speaking to Newtalk’s Pat Kenny Show.

“It’s a problem because historically, both in Ireland and where I’m from in Cornwall, we don’t have a culture where people ate a lot of fish, despite having some of the richest fishing waters on earth. I’m making a plea for us all to eat more of our local prawns.”

Our chefs at Octopussy’s Seafood Restaurant in Howth have created a menu of prawn dishes using the finest seasonal produce and freshest ingredients. Taking inspiration from around the world, all the prawn dishes on our menu are designed for sharing.

The following are some of our delicious prawn dishes from our Tapas Menu

– DUBLIN BAY PRAWNS – Served out of the shell, cooked in garlic butter with a squeeze of lemon.

– PRAWNS PIL PIL – Cooked in a sizzling hot and spicy roast red pepper sauce.

– PRAWN SCAMPI – Lightly floured and fried. Served with marie rose sauce.

Other dishes at Octopussy’s Seafood Restaurant that combine succulent pawns are

-MONKFISH, PRAWNS & MUSSELS – Cooked in a creamy white wine reduction with parmesan.

– MONKFISH AND PRAWN RED THAI CURRY – A medium spiced Thai red curry served with rice.

– SHERRY MONKFISH AND PRAWNS – Served in a creamy chorizo, sherry, sundried tomato & tarragon sauce. 

– DELUXE SEAFOOD CHOWDER – A rich and creamy chowder with mussels, squid, smoked fish, prawns and smoked pancetta with homemade brown bread, contains pork.

– SPICY HOT & SOUR SEAFOOD BROTH – Served with vegetables, spices, prawns and fresh Salmon.

So for all you prawn lovers – whatever way you like your prawns  – Octopussys Seafood Restaurant has the perfect prawn dish for you.

Why not call today and book your table to enjoy your favourite prawn dish?