Octopussy Seafood Tapas Bar – Best Seafood in Dublin

Octopussy Seafood Tapas Bar – Best Seafood in Dublin

One the best places for seafood in Dublin has to be Howth with many restaurants dotting the pier and serving up beautiful fresh fish as soon as it comes into the piers off the trawlers, one of them being Octopussy.

With cute wooden benches outside and a Cali-style sea shack vibe indoors (we’re talking about brightly painted wooden fish hanging on the walls, twinkling candy-coloured fairy lights and bare wood), it’s a casual space, but with a seriously great menu.

The drool-worthy menu is divided into Prawns, Fish, Oysters, Lobster and Non-Fish (which is just chicken wings and brie, so non-seafood lovers get outta here), with fresh Irish ingredients making up Mediterranean inspired dishes.

Seafood Tapas Fresh From The Pier And Overlooking The Irish Sea

Source: https://lovindublin.com/