Octopussy’s Wine of the Month

Octopussy’s Wine of the Month

Muscadet servre et maine sauvignon, which is served at Octopussy is produced at Château du Cléray vineyards which are located in a western France. The 30 hectares of vineyard stands on the characteristic sandy soils of the commune of Vallet. The estate has been run by the Sauvion family since 1935, and is today run by winemaker Pierre Sauvion. This crisp, zesty and fresh Muscadet is a good pairing with Oysters, haddock crusted sardines and other fish dishes.

Muscadet is produced from Melon de Bourgogne grape which is a distant relative of Chardonnay . It was exported from Burgundy by monks in the Middle Ages under the name of ‘’Petite Bourgogne’’or ‘’Petit Melon Musqué’’. Melon de Bourgogne is the only grape used in the production of Muscadet, it is rarely grown elsewhere in France and virtually nowhere else in the world. Muscadet is a very unique style of wine and a tremendous choice for those people looking for originality and for anyone looking to steer clear of standards and stereotypes.

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