Delicious dishes: Pan seared tuna steak with mango salsa

Delicious dishes: Pan seared tuna steak with mango salsa

Octopussy Seafood Tapas Bar always aims to please & we provide a slice of Mediterranean life for our locals and a taste of home for our visitors. We specialise in seafood tapas, with fresh fish and shellfish supplied daily from our fish shop next door, Dorans on the Pier.

This week one of our featured dishes is the delicious pan seared tuna steak with mango salsa.

Sweet salsa and seafood collide in this mouth watering dish.  This dish utilises the delicious flavour of fresh tuna steaks and our mango salsa is prepared with freshly chopped mango, peppers and jalapeños, and served on top of the seasoned pan fried tuna steaks for a colourful, tasty and healthy meal.

Tuna fish is a very diverse family of fish that has become one of the most valued and desirable fish on the market. Their delicious taste, global availability, and healthy components make it an ideal replacement for red meat or for those who like to add some healthy variety to their diets. It belongs to the same family of fish as Bonito and Albacore, which is the Scombridae family, which is commonly called the Mackerel group. However, tuna belongs to a tribe, called Thunnini. This “tribe” contains 15 species of tuna, most of which are enjoyed around the world in some sort of culinary tradition.

Tuna fish of varying species are found in all of the world oceans, and while different cultures enjoy different varieties, the health benefits are largely the same. Tuna fish are typically anywhere from 1 foot in length to 15 feet for a fully grown, long-lived example.


Nutritional Value Of Tuna Fish

The health benefits of tuna fish that are listed above can be attributed to the impressive content of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and other organic compounds found in this delicious fish. These include antioxidants and protein, without much-saturated fat or sodium. It also has impressive levels of selenium, and good amounts of phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and potassium. In terms of vitamins, there is a wealth of vitamin B12 and niacin, as well as a good amount of vitamin B6 and riboflavin.

Heart Health

Perhaps the most common health benefit that is attributed to tuna fish is its significant impact on heart health. In terms of reducing coronary heart diseases, tuna fish has very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce omega-6 fatty acids and cholesterol in the arteries and blood vessels. Furthermore, it often replaces foods with high saturated fat content, further lowering the risk of heart diseases.

So why not come on down to Octopussys in Howth and opt for our super healthy yet super tasty pan seared tuna steak with mango salsa?

What our diners say:


“So delicious and fresh – we had a really tasty lunch and will come back again to try other dishes.”