Discover magical Howth! Find out more on the brand new website

Discover magical Howth! Find out more on the brand new website

You might think you know Howth, but there is a lot more to discover!

Check out a great new website here with plenty of information to help you discover the best things to see and do in Howth.

Oozing with history and culture, Howth is one of Dublin’s oldest working harbours with it ranking as one of Ireland’s busiest fishing ports to date.

Something we’re sure of – fresh seafood makes for fine food and entertainment. And with cool niche shopping, some of the most unique outdoor experiences and a broad range of health, fitness and beauty offerings, our little village is a must-see.

Why Visit Howth

For the last 9000 years, Howth has become a hotspot for European itineraries with visitors recognizing the charm of our community and sights, and with a bustling atmosphere to match it’s understandable why so many find themselves coming back time and time again.

Thrill and inspire yourself with the activities available on our ‘Things to Do’ page. Or on the contrary if you’re looking to hideaway on our little peninsula for a relaxing weekend, check out ‘Where to Stay’.

Experience all that Howth has to offer  – check out 

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